This is really just a follow-up to the last post. I was reminded by a reader that postage is 45 cents, not 42 cents. I buy the forever stamps and forget the current prices. But, since an increase in postal rates goes into effect in January, it’s time to stock up on more stamps before the prices rise again. I joined the Letter Writers Alliance, so I figure I will need more.

When I was out and about yesterday, I was browsing through a shop in Sedona where they had some wax stamps and the wax. I could not resist. I know that there are ways to create your own wax stamps and save a few bucks, but instead I bought a sun-spiral and some gold wax. Some lucky person is gonna get that on a letter. Soon.

I noticed as I was driving back to Cottonwood that as the sun dipped behind the mountain (our sunset here), the closer I got to home the more I saw the sun not yet disappearing behind Mingus Mt. I really never thought about it before–the elevation changes make sunset at different times, and I never noticed it.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather–warm enough to take off a jacket in the afternoon. The photos and news coverage of the East Coast, the devastation and heartbreak and frustrations of the residents there make me feel almost guilty for enjoying nice weather. But the destruction in NY, NJ, CT and elsewhere is a learning experience for us all–we all need to be prepared as much as possible with batteries, candles, blankets, food, water, and perhaps a generator, so that we can ride out the aftermath of a disaster before help can reach us, assuming help can get to us or even be there. The Boy Scout motto is certainly relevant during these times.

English: Fragment of postmarked envelope with ...

English: Fragment of postmarked envelope with mixed standard denominated and non-denominated postage stamps issued by Russia franking, 2007 Русский: Фрагмент прошедшего почту конверта со смешанной франкировкой марками номинального и безноминального стандартного выпуска России, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)