English: A wax seal on a letter from Loudoun C...

English: A wax seal on a letter from Loudoun Castle, Galston East Ayrshire, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a website I really like–it’s hosted by the Chicago-based Letter Writers Alliance. Glad to see that there are over 2700 members from across the globe. These days, it’s special to receive a handwritten note. And since I got myself a Verizon wireless phone contract limiting me to 200 minutes of talk or text per month, letter writing is starting to appeal to me more and more. The LWA is over at http://www.16sparrows.com. I might join. Heck, for $3 and change, that gives me (or you, maybe) a lifetime membership.

About this time in places like Chicago, staying in is more appealing as the days grow shorter. And why not spend some of that time writing to a friend or loved one? In fact, I sent a card to a friend (a letter, actually) last week when I knew my phone minutes were on the verge of drying up. And a few days ago, I surfed around for one of those fancy wax seal sets. I had one when I was a teenager and had a pen pal. Fun to use, and extra classy on deckled vellum. Back in those days there were stationery stores. Yes, for real! I spent an hour picking out just the right color and weight of stationery for my correspondence. Made me feel very Jane Austen. I had a cartridge ink pen, too. They’re still available if you look around the ‘net.

Another website I like is a compilation of a Woman’s Book of Days. I need to copy down the prompts–they stay the same each day and it’s a cool way to keep a journal if you don’t know what to say. These prompts include such lines as “today I am wearing,”  “today in the kitchen,” “today I am feeling” and many more that will give you a nice almanac of your week, month, or if you are diligent, your entire year. Plus, the almanac can give you some content for the letter you’re gonna write.

At 42 cents a pop for postage, it’s an inexpensive way to give someone a welcome gift in the mail. And if you and me and thousands of others make it a habit, maybe the post offices will stay in business.