It’s not that I haven’t thought about posting on this blog. It’s just that time keeps running away from me. I have a clear calendar today, and I am using this little chunk of time to let you know that I am still here, still healthy, and not writing as much as usual.

In the previous weeks I took a trip to Wickenburg, AZ to see the sights; to Sedona many times for various reasons–one being a lunch outing with Brian at Indian Gardens in Oak Creek. It was a Sunday morning and we were serenaded by a pleasant young man with a sweet voice. Have been to Dead Horse State Park to  hike several times, and it is especially nice to be out there with our gorgeous autumn weather. B and I went to Red Rocks State Park a couple weeks back to hike. We crossed Oak Creek three times on three little bridges–a change of routine from our usual path there.

Much of my time in October was spent readying for our annual community yard sale. I hosted mine on behalf of Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch.  The profits were decent, so the guys can look forward to some special treat the ranch will have in store for them. The former director, Marla, is now down in southern AZ setting up a residential facility there, and we currently have an acting director at RMR. Marla was given a big surprise going away party in late September at a very nice outdoor facility in Page Springs.

I have stacks of photos to sort, and some to print. I rarely get around to doing that. I am finishing my class in haiku/senyru. It is more technical than my sensibilities allow with too many shoulds and proper forms and such. Not my style, but I am keeping as open a mind as possible [and NOT writing as much as I did in my looser Talking Landscapes class].

Lots to do and a full day to do it in, except that times flies even faster the older one gets.  More here soon, I hope.

One of dozens of images I took while in Wickenberg. This one is probably the least interesting.