Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch for Adults with Autism (in Cornville) is losing its current director, Marla Guerrero. Staff and Board of Directors threw a surprise going away party for her last evening. Tears were plentiful, and tributes grand. The ranch, as I understand it, is currently searching for a new director. Marla is heading south around Bisbee to start a new program for persons with autism. Interim director is Liesl (last name escapes me). She came to the ranch from the AZ Dept of DD and has been a treasure trove of information for administrative functions.

Brian and I enjoyed the party–we were served barbecue beef sandwiches but the real stunner was our location. Hard to find, the private horse property off Page Springs Road has a large ramada near Oak Creek, and the upper level of the ramada offers several bedrooms. I assume those are for inebriated partygoers (not at the RMR function) who would surely drive off the steep road that leads into/out of the property from Page Springs road. My car nobly carried the steep hill well without veering off the cow thigamajig and landing in a steep ditch. Anyway, Marla was very touched by the love of her staff and her sendoff to bigger things.

I did not get to chat with the board members much so I am not sure if they are doing a national search for a new director. Just putting the word out for anyone with the skills and deep knowledge of autism spectrum disorders.

An April view of Mingus Mt and the Black Hills from Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch. Imagine waking up to that view every morning!