So yesterday Jean, Linda and I drove to Sedona to complete some errands, and we decided to stop for a bite at Wildflower (the West’s version of Panera). Off the parking spaces grew some lovely prickly pear cactus. They sported their maroon pods and look lovely right now. A fellow walking by saw us admiring the plants and told us that the pods, when boiled, make a sweet syrup. Excellent, I thought.

I decided that bringing some with me to Indiana would be nice–to give to friends a little something southwestern. And careful as I was, putting a plastic bag over my hand as I twisted off the pods, I still managed to get stickers embedded into my fingers. Ugh. The pricklies are tiny and annoying. Pouring a little hydrogen peroxide worked, as well as tweezers. But since that experience, I decided I would rather get stuck by a rose thorn.

And yes, readers back in Indiana–you will get your pods, so beware.

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