I am cleaning out my offfice, and ran across a poem I had written for my short form poetry class [I am currently finishing a memoir class]. Thought you  poets out there might like this. BTW, Jean, Linda and I, charter members of the Dead Horse Poetry Society, have been doing other than writing lately. Yesterday eve, after watching the quirky movie “Moonrise Territory” (or something like that). we hung out at the Wildflower
Bread Company terrace watching the sun do its magic on Sedona’s red rocks. We talked about paranormal stuff and dreams…..

Anyway, here’s my poem:

Dental Care


She hates all drills and shots inside her gums;

She likes nitrous for root canals, cavities, crowns, cleaning.

Nitrous oxide



Her white teeth gleam.

Return in six months.

The Poetry Society's Cafe

The Poetry Society’s Cafe (Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick)