It’s taken me long enough to get my 4th of July pictures unloaded from my camera and post them here. Part of it is the heat–too uncomfortable to sit at the computer and type.That’s not to say that I’ve been entirely languid. In the past week I’ve enjoyed swims at the pool, the community band concert in Clarkdale, and a lovely late afternoon poetry class in Sedona. Plus, Brian and I went to see Rock of Ages [can’t believe it was rated ONLY a PG-13, unless those initials mean girls getting pregnant at the tender age of 13!.

Here are some photos of a few recent outings. Was in Flagstaff Monday and was it ever pleasant! Nice temperatures in the cool 80’s. Met a fellow IU grad at the summit of Oak Creek Canyon–his family is enjoying a week in the scenic city. The trip downhill from Flag became warmer and warmer as we descended, and it was outright HOT when we got back to Cottonwood. I did not take my camera on that trip, darn it.

The Sedona poetry class was led by Ann Metlay. She, Linda and I wrote a few verses and just talked and got to know one another a little better. The sunset was gorgeous, of course. We met a vacationer who was spending time in Sedona with her husband–they were from Texas. The three of us writers thanked our good fortune to live amid the beauty that is Sedona.

Brian enjoys the Sousa music at the Clarkdale Community 4th of July event.

Fantastic piccolo playing for the Stars & Stripes Forever–the Cottonwood Community Band made the 4th of July a perfect celebration in Clarkdale this year.

Some members of the Dance Folklorico troupe await their turn to perform at the Clarkdale 4th of July celebration.

We are surrounded by beauty before us…

Beauty surrounds us–a perfect setting for writing poetry.

Twilight time on a warm Sedona evening.