English: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Mt....

English: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Mt. Baldy, Michigan City – a sand dune constantly in motion Polski: Park narodowy Indiana Dunes – Mt. Baldy – stale przemieszczająca się piaszczysta wydma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, finally the Talking Landscapes: Indiana Dunes Poems project is complete! If one ever attempts to publish, know that it is an extended process that takes time. The proofing took over a week by four separate individuals. I am looking forward to returning to Chesterton and Michigan City in September to market the book. Hope my  readers will show up at the book signings. Learn more over at Indiana Dunes Poems.

Meanwhile here in Cottonwood, the temperatures sizzle. I see that Chicago is supposed to hit 101 degrees today, and that comes with humidity, no doubt. Nasty.

I just submitted an article for the Beacher and will write more about it later. Got to go take a swim and stay cool for now.