Our extreme heat continues. Cousins from Phoenix, where it is really sizzlin’, will be visiting me tomorrow as they return south from much cooler Flagstaff.

Each of us who live at Pine Shadows received a certified letter telling us that our lot rent is going up. None of those I talked with expected the huge leap of $37 a month more. In fact, it’s outrageous. Our landlord needs to explain his reasons.[We had an increase of about $24 last year]. Trash pickup costs for him only went up 47 cents. I am considering a move by next year at this time…..

Last Saturday Brian and I cooled off at Clarkdale’s town park for a concert of big band tunes. How they got all those musicians into the bandstand is beyond me. We enjoyed good music and a cool breeze. It doesn’t get much better than that….

We need rain. The monsoons are due. Everything is parched. Let’s hope we get some rain soon.