To survive days when the temperature is to rise to 101, a person has to get up with the birds and get their errands done, optimally before 10 a.m. That’s what I did so far today. I may take a dip in the pool, but for sure I will be dressing cooly in a loose cotton dress.
I have ironing to do, but the thought of the heat coming from the iron is yucky. It’s a good day to stay inside and read a book if you are retired.


Last week I had a dentist appt in Dewey. Dr. Arnall is so good, and his prices so reasonable, that it makes sense to drive over the mountain for care. I had novocaine in 3 different areas of my mouth, so I found it hard to talk. But, after the appointment, I went over to Prescott’s indoor mall–the equivalent of Southlake in Merrillville. Lots of businesses are closed, but the anchors are doing okay–Dillards, Penneys and Sears. I only ventured into Lenscrafters for a new pair of specs. I hope they work better than the ones I got earlier this year (a minor fiasco). The Goodwill across the street from the mall was big and full of bargains, but by the time I walked just one section, I was worn out and ready to come home. The trip to and from Prescott, Prescott Valley and Dewey is about one hour. It’s the shopping spot of choice for most people here in the Verde Valley.