I’ve been derelict about posting this past week. In that time, I have attended a concert in Clarkdale Park (bluegrass fusion with clarinet, trumpet,); a concert at the Rec Center featuring Sy Brandon’s composition commissioned for the AZ Centennial; made a trip to Dewey (dentist) and Prescott Valley (shopping); attended a special OLLI Inside Creativity class featuring a retired actor (Gail Edwards); observed a state gathering of contra dancers twirling and dosey doeing in Clarkdale, attended Brian’s yearly DD parent conference, and finally found a parsley plant to accompany my mint so that I can make Tabouli–which I did make yesterday. Also, I discovered a new Greek cafe in town that serves all the traditional Mediterranean fare, including gyros!


This Mother’s Day weekend I’ll be hosting Brian, who celebrates his 43d birthday Monday. Happy Birthday all your Taurean bulls.