We are coming to the close of National Poetry Month. I have been especially active in the poetry department. I have an illustrator for my soon-to-be-published book: Talking Landscapes: The Indiana Dunes.

Today in our short-form poetry class we studied and practiced Haiburi and Senyru [poetry forms]. The class went fast, as we worked as a group to create some poems using these forms.

I give you a poem that I composed a few days ago in response to a person who was to meet me for coffee did not show up, and I did not have my cell phone with me. When I got home, I phoned, and she said she had the time wrong. I was not forgiving.

I don’t do twenty minutes late well.

I begin behaving badly.

I think about the stupid two-dollar coffee I just bought.

Caffeine to fuel even more fury.

I don’t like waiting all alone in a place

laced with friendly smiles,

yet no invitation to pull up a chair.

Fair would be to show up on time.

My mind would have no reason

to rage against erased time ticking off a wretched clock.

I don’t do late well,

but I’ll smile back at friendly faces

sitting snugly in chairs, paired.

Then I will slowly walk out the door.