Well, the secret is out. Since my Talking Landscapes class I have been working hard at revising my Haiku created for that class. I once turned my nose up at the idea of Haiku, figuring it was a 1960’s college fad. How wrong I was. Haiku is very challenging. One has to condense a picture or idea down to  5-7-5 syllable verse. Few words and big impact, if one does it well. I am yet a beginner. I hope to self-publish my chapbook within the next 6-8 weeks. Since my subject matter is regional, I will be pitching it back in Indiana when the book it ready to go.

Anyway, two of my classmates and I have decided to form out own little poetry society. We’ve agreed to meet monthly to focus on our work (not all Haiku). We’ve made plans to meet out at Dead Horse Ranch State Park, which is a second home for each of us., I discovered. No surprise there. We poets like to be out in nature. We like to write about it. So, our working title of our little group presently is titled, “The Dead Horse Poets’ Society.”

I will keep you up to date with my book’s progress. Call this my pre-publishing marketing for now.

Below is a photo of my fellow poets of the society: Linda and Jean. I am honored to be in this club with these two extremely talented artists.