Today, Orthodox Christians worldwide celebrate Easter. In the Slavic tradition, we say:

Hristos voskres (Christ is Risen)

and the respondent follows with

Voeestenue voskres. (Indeed He is Risen).

In Cottonwood today, the weather is cool and sunny. Back in the midwest, residents are enjoying much warmer weather, but many are under the threat of tornadoes. Keep safe.

We have a dusting of snow on the mountain because yesterday was rainy and raw here. In Flagstaff, the Coconino HS prom was cancelled because of the nasty weather with high winds and snow.

Last week, Brian and I celebrated Easter by coloring eggs. In the Eastern tradition, we make red eggs, and after they are blessed, we salute one another by egg knuckling our eggs. The one whose egg did not break is supposed to have a year of good luck.

Brian surprised me with his egg-coloring skills. I posted a photo of him in the process of dipping an egg in dye.

Brian dyeing eggs