GRAMMAR POLICE ALERT (Photo credit: guyprentice)

Even as I realize that I am just a speck in the larger order of the universe, I have not conquered my pet peeve of language demolition. Every now and then I rant about this, because bad language grates my ears.

If you get me started on less and fewer, you would have to sit patiently for hours to listen to my gripes. All those advertising and marketing people must have been asleep in English classes. Shame on you ad copywriters who have used grammar check on your computers to navigate your choice of words. I just refuse to buy something that offers me less calories. And if there were enough  people like me who protest these abominations, then your product would bite the dust. And I’m sure my rant will not “peek” your interest at all anyway.

I’m still waiting on the explanation for the advancement and popularity of “as well.” Something is missing there. Do you feel that way too?