My current favorite hike is the Dead Horse Ranch lagoon trail. It circles a large lagoon and park staff planted tall reeds around the rim a long time ago. It has become a nesting habitat for the red-wing blackbirds, and the blue herons like hiding in the dense brush as well.

The picture below was taken at least 8 weeks ago, when heavier jackets were necessary. Now that it is officially spring, only a light jacket early in the morning is necessary to shield oneself from the cold mountain air. And with warmer weather, I find it absolutely delightful to walk this trail. We pass a passel of birds that we cannot see, but we certainly can hear them–warbling happy warbles and tweeting their desires to like-minded mates. I have tried to capture the sounds on my cell, but I don’t know how to save the sweet music, let alone post it. That’s a shame.