This past weekend opened up several new adventures to me–actually, it’s the most I’ve done since moving here.

Saturday evening I accompanied two friends to Jerome’s monthly Art Walk. We began our tour at the old high school, which is now home to artists, and top-rated ones at that. Imagine owning (or renting) a studio with knockout views of the mountains and the valley below. Nice work if you can get it, and these artists attained their top-level fame. We shuttled over to the steep main street for strolls through several galleries and shops, and had ourselves some wine and champagne, courtesy of the art walk participants. One standout is a kaleidoscope shop–the biggest one in the world. That is to say, not big in square-footage, but in the sheer numbers of kaleidoscope builders. At another shop, I met Cody DeLong, an accomplished artist in oils whose pleine air work of the beautiful red rocks is breathtaking. A clarinetist played to the accompaniment of some cool jazz, and the atmosphere was spirited. One of my fave sights was the view of the twinkling lights of Clarkdale below Jerome. Seeing that was a first for me, who up to that point had only seen the twinkling lights of Jerome from below. I certainly enjoyed by first evening excursion to the colorful mining town.

Sunday, a friend took me to lunch at the Heartline Cafe in Sedona. Now, this is just a teeny tiny little place for breakfast and lunch, and the small courtyard in back called us. The temps were warm enough, since the sun was helping heat up the day. After lunch, we traveled over to the Church of the Red Rocks (ohmygoodness what views!) for a free concert of Broadway tunes sungs by two professional musical theater actors from Tempe. This was the church’s outreach offering to the community. The show was certainly worth paying for, so we felt extremely blessed getting to experience such a quality concert for zero dollars. But anyway you look at it, even if there was no concert, just sitting in the sanctuary and soaking in the most spectacular views of the red rocks is enough of a treat.