I picked up Brian Saturday morning and decided to head over to the Page Springs Fish Hatchery for a short hike. It was a beautiful balmy day–very spring-like. We ascended the steps leading to the trail and walked about forty yards when I noticed a bobcat on the trail. He was hunched and heading directly toward us. So, I told a confused Brian to turn around and run. He was unsure of what I was trying to accomplish, which was to get back to the parking area as fast as we could. I cannot run very fast any longer, and Brian was right behind me. We made it to the stairs without any harm.

Out of breath, I warned some people in the parking lot not to take the trail. One was a gentleman who had just exited his camper van. He pointed to a tabby cat walking along a wide rail near the pond. Could that have been the “bobcat” I saw? We had some good laughs over my lack of good vision. Wildlife indeed!

All I can say is that I need new glasses. The cat looked much, much bigger from my perspective on the trail. And my friend Linda, who happens to live close by in Cornville, showed me a photo of the bobcat that was in her yard one morning. Not something I want to meet on a trail. As for the tabby cat, he sure knows how to stalk a meal–the trout are right around the corner.ImageImageImage