Flag of Arizona

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I never expected to be quite this busy since enrolling in a few OLLI classes. So on Tuesday, Arizona Statehood Day and Valentine’s Day, my plan was to head over to the historical museum in Cottonwood in plenty of time for the bell-ringing ceremony at exactly 2:14 pm. At 2pm I had just shut off my computer and went to get my camera. Replace “get” in that last sentence with “search for.” By 2:10 I was still searching for it. I had 4 minutes to make it to the museum, and that was going to be impossible. So, with my class starting at 2:30, I headed instead toward Yavapai College with my car window rolled down. Of course, it was a cloudy and very chilly day, but I figured all the church bells and bell ringers would make themselves easy to hear. Not so. And that’s how I missed the 100th anniversary celebration of my newly adopted state, Arizona. Mighty young,considering the other states’ celebrations of 2 centuries. But Arizona, being the wild, wild west, had to overcome its reputation before Congress would admit it to the Union. So, it was the last state (the 48th) in the continental US to join. Alaska was our 49th, followed by Hawaii.

Because of my Talking Landscapes class’ focus on regional poetry, I am in process of compiling my first poetry chapbook. I have an artist in mind to help illustrate it, and I am not going to give away the topic of the poetry quite yet. Let’s just say that it’s a place I’m very familiar with and have held a passion for since childhood.

Classes will end in 2 weeks. Then a break and another round of 6-week classes will begin. In my Inside Creativity class, I have been introduced to a team of playrights, an author of mysteries with a metaphysical bent, a fiber artist, a storyteller-troubador-author-environmentalist-musical theatre, jazz artist and former Hollywood movie extra, and for next week, we will meet a creative chef from Sedona. The class will continue next quarter with 5 or 6 new creatives telling us about their work. Meanwhile, I got to know a little more about my classmates. One is a couple from Grand Rapids wintering in Sedona. She is a tech writer of stained glass art books and magazines, and he is a glassblower. Another fella is a former New York City corporate consultant who moved here to develop his underused right brain. Every where I turn around I meet someone new and interesting.

I’ve been carrying around my camera, but no new pictures to show you yet. At least I finally made this new entry into the blog.

Until next time, happy trails to you