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I have not posted much lately because of a current time crunch–not totally unexpected. In addition to Monday’s Meals on Wheels deliveries, I go workout at Curves and then prepare for one of several OLLI classes I am taking. OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and it is offered here through Yavapai College.

I have completed a Treasure Mapping workshop led by a Jungian therapist and graduate of Stanford. I have completed a Feng Shui for Health workshop taught by a brilliant practitioner from L.A. via Philly, Paris France, and other parts of the globe. I am currently in 3  six-week classes: Talking Landscapes, which follows an informal Haiku style. My subject is the Indiana Dunes. Another class is the Science of Happiness, based on the newer trend in mental health to focus on the positive and made famous by Martin Seligmann from the U of Pennsylvania. Last but not least, I am taking a course called Inside Creativity, where each week a different artist is interviewed about his/her creative process.  So, my head is bursting with great new information and ideas, and I am one happy camper!

In my Feng Shui class, I discovered that the woman sitting next to me grew up in Miller, Indiana (a part of Gary). This is the second time I have been in Sedona when I’ve met someone from a place I used to live. The other person is from Freeport, IL close to Galena, and we have discovered mutual acquaintances. The OLLI Sedona campus–really just a building, is a gorgeous architectural spectacle. Nicer than the Cottonwood campus of several buildings with odd (to me) outside doors to the classrooms.

I will write more as time allows–got to run. It’s Monday!