Just before Christmas I received a summons to appear for jury duty at the courthouse in Prescott after the new year.

I drove over yesterday. It takes about an hour to get there, whether one takes I-17 or goes over the mountain on 89A. I opted for the freeway, despite the warm weather and little chance of hitting bad weather. I had mixed emotions about serving on the Grand Jury. I really wanted to, but have been concerned about potential winter weather conditions. So when the judge asked if anyone wanted to be excused, I stood up. Despite my plea, she made me stay through the selection process. The potential jurors’ backgrounds were interesting and the whole process was an experience I enjoyed.

When I got the summons, my first thought was that now I have to go to Prescott–other things got in the way of a trip over there, and I really, really like the town. The feel is indeed very midwestern. The courthouse is historic, and so was the courtroom we were in–very high ceilings, bad acoustics, terribly  uncomfortable wooded folding seats. Looked like Perry Mason would walk in any second.

Turns out I was excused from  jury duty. I would not hesitate if I lived closer, like in Prescott. The hearing would go on for months, through April or possibly later, and a juror would be driving there every Wednesday. Fine if the weather was as nice as today. Prescott is higher than Cottonwood, so it’s colder and gets more snow. I could not take a chance, unless I could carpool. I hope I am called for jury closer.

A last word: having just moved here seven months ago, I was surprised to get called so early in my new residence. This would be the very first time. But, it was nice to get out of town and enjoy some time in Prescott–“everybody’s hometown.”