Monday I visited the Clarkdale library, housed in a charming Spanish-tiled and stuccoed building. Although the unretouched photo I took of it is not great, you can see the vista behind the building. So I wwas disappointed when I saw that the interior did not have windows low enough to frame the nice mountain view. The interior is tiny, but there’s room for at least a half-dozen computers. One row of one sshelf is devoted to reference. And yet the highlight is the large volumes of books about Arizona, its history, geology, etc. Other shelves hold mysteries, adventure, and large-print fiction. Yes, there is a children’s area–about 8×8 feet set into one corner. The place has charm, and to me, that’s everything. It has some dvd’s and it provides interlibrary loan service, along with free wi-fi. I may spend more time here if I decide to give up my home internet connection (too costly).Image