Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Arizona

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I’ve been spending a lot of time at nearby Dead Horse Ranch State Park, located right here in Cottonwood. Each of the 3 lagoons have walking paths circling them, and two connect with each other to extend the hike. Of course there are other spots to hike in the park, too. There are trails down by the river and one that takes you past a ghost cabin, and one that leads to Tavasci Marsh.  You are wondering how the park got its name, and as best as I can remember (reading some literature) the acreage had a dead horse on it when it was about to be purchased–or something like that. Some wise guys of high school age came along and tipped over the white horse that used to be by the riding stable. The operators moved the horse to the back (look at the legs to see how they are supported). Now they have a pair of coppery steeds pulling a conestoga out by the horse rental operation. I just happened to catch a neat shadow on the siding that serves as the office for horseback riding rentals. Brian is in two shots, and notice how far ahead of the photographer he is–that’s how he and I hike. I have to call out for him to stop so I can catch up with him. Also notice an angler in the lagoon shot. This is a popular place to fish. Finally, I didn’t mention the first two shots that I took at the Grand Canyon in August. This was in front of the El Tovar Hotel. (See the previous post for all the photos I’m talking about).

Finally, the sunset on the cliffs photos were taken in Sedona about 5 pm November 13. I shot those outside the Hilton in the Village of Oak Creek and I was not aiming at anything outstanding. But in person, the view was outstanding. The sunlight angles on those red rocks in amazing ways and the results take a person’s breath away.