Mingus Mountain snows

Monday I had an errand or two to run in Sedona, which is only about 12 miles from home. Snow, albeit wet, still clung to the red rocks and I snapped a few photos with my phone camera to post here. Well, my phone is new to me–one of those no-contract unlimited talk Verizon phones. I can’t find the photos. May I was supposed to save them? I will have to learn how to save and then get them from the phone to here.  The Mingus shot in this post is one I took many years ago when I was visiting Brian.

Anyway, it was cold and raw in Sedona that morning. A friend came along with me, and we trolled some shops and ended up in the Village of Oak Creek, where one of my fave discount shoe stores happens to be. Got myself some naturalizers for under $20. Anyway, we had lunch at a place that I would NOT recommend. Read my post on Travel Advisor.com–you can figure out if it’s me. We went from cold rain to sunshine when we cut over to Cornville Road. The snow disappeared. When it snows in Sedona, you had better have your camera because the white against those red rock formations is absolutely stunning. Guess I will keep my digital camera in the car.