The sidewalks and weather advisory are two different subjects. I’ll start with the weather, because Flagstaff is due to get a significant amount of snow tonight or tomorrow and it is the first snowfall since I’ve been here permanently. Cottonwood, meanwhile, is experiencing very strong, gusty winds. The temperature is supposed to drop markedly tonight. We may see a dusting on Mingus Mountain. Anyway, I am busy unpacking my winter clothes and preparing for the change. Weather has been gorgeous here the past three weeks.

Now, about the sidewalks. From Cement Plant Road (Jerome foothills) down to Mingus Avenue, new sidewalks will allow pedestrians to walk all the way to Cove Parkway (Safeway and Vinnies Pizza) along West 89A. That means nothing to my readers in other areas, but let’s just say that Cottonwood is being enabled as a walking town. Some parts of the sidewalk will require good leg muscles because we aren’t flat like Chesterton or Michigan City. It requires effort to walk in this town, and you’ll see a good share of walkers. Plus, Cottonwood is really spread out, so it takes longer to get places even though its population isn’t much bigger than Valpo’s and Michigan City’s combined. So, if Cottonwood can do it, why is Chesterton so behind the times? The town has made it difficult to get across IN 49 at Indian Boundary. But back to Arizona

I am sitting in my Arizona room listening to the wind whip through our park. The pine cones from the two trees in my side yard are hitting the roof and making a clamor. I started saving the cones a month ago with the idea that I would spray paint them gold and silver and make Christmas decorations with them. We’ll see. Yesterday I finally dug out the rosebush that some mean person planted behind my large evergreen. I replanted it in a hole that should have been a bit deeper. But, I had dug out the other rosebush planted behind the other evergreen in August (Actually my son’s friend did that hard labor). It looked like it was dead when I replanted that one, but a week later it sprung back happy, healthy and blooming. My mums are still blooming after 8 weeks.

Mingus Mountain in the Black Hills Range, Yava...

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If I did not tell you about Cottonwood’s little cinema I must. Brian and I went there to see Puss And Boots this past weekend. The theatre has no ticket booth. One waits in line outside and pays just inside the door, next to the popcorn concession. The theatre is is a strip mall, and its seating is old, but they do have cup holders for the pop people buy to slurp down with their popcorn. I am thrilled that our little town has a cinema, and that it offers first-run movies. Saves us a trip over to Sedona, the closest place with 4 movies playing at once. By the way, if you love cats, be sure to see Puss And Boots. It’s very cute.