Arizona Monsoon Rainbow with Low Clouds

Image by kretyen via Flickr

We are nearing the end of the monsoon season.. Today, afternoon storms passed through with a vengeance. This is the first time I have been in a Walmart anywhere where pounding rain made the superstore reverberate loudly. It sounded like we were in a humongous tunnel with raindrops pummeling the roof. Plus, loud tapping sounded like hail. You can’t see the windows unless you are exiting the store, so a person like me had to use her imagination as to how intense the rain was outside. You could tell I was new to town; the other shoppers just went about their business.

But here is the neat part: when I went to leave the store, the sun was shining. With a 180-degree vista in front of me, I marveled at the black and gray clouds skipping over the landscape to the southeast. To the east, a 2/3 rainbow stretched across a bank of gray clouds. To the northwest, the sky was clear in the foreground and menacing in the far background, against the pinkish rockscape. What a beautiful work of art!

As I drove home, I saw that one road was closed. The wash was flooded. I knew that ahead, I would have to cross another wash. This latter one has a big warning sign cautioning drivers not to enter this dip in the road if the water reaches the red mark–a sort of measuring stick that measures the height/depth of the water. But only a small amount of runoff was crossing the road and I had no problem with it. Another block ahead and everything was dry. No rain. As much as I was guessing that my roesbushes, mums, hosta and boxwood starts were getting a nice gulp of water, no such luck. At least I could empty my trunk of groceries without getting wet.