Canyon wall, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona Uploade...

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While my houseguests were here, I did not mention ALL of the places we went to. Sensing that I should (watch that tricky word) mention a few of them, one of my faves is Dead Horse Ranch State Park. It makes you think you are alone with the majestic mountain backdrop–unless it’s a busy weekend and the fishermen are at the lagoon. We had a brief picnic there, just relaxing in the shade.

We also went up to Jerome to visit the Douglas Mansion, a museum of mining history. Woulda been a nice place to live. The view of the Verde Valley below is very special. Brian and I watched the history video in a darkened, air conditioned roon. We did the same at Red Rocks State Park outside of Sedona. All visitors are advised to stop in there to watch the fantastic bird’s eye video of the Sedona rocks. It shows you everything you will want to see while visiting that beautiful city.

We traveled up Oak Creek Canyon all the way to Flagstaff, and that is another must-do. It was nice and cool at the summit. Traders were selling goods up there, but none looked like authentic Native American wares.

A state park pass costs $75 a year here, and no senior discounts (snicker, snicker). I have already returned my investment. Slide Rock, which is in Oak Creek Canyon and packed in the summertime, cost $20 per car to enter. That’s steep. But that is the place for locals and visitors to cool off.

Fort Verde was another stop, but I have mentioned that one before. In Flagstaff, we made a quick visit to see the lava beds at Sunset Crater. And numerous visits to the farmers’ markets. We enjoyed lots of fresh salads.

That’s it. Now that my guests have returned to Indiana, we are sweating through unreasonably high temps here.

Time to stay inside!