Arizona Snowbowl

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We cancelled our planned tubing adventure because of low water. We (Chris Brian and I) will have to reschedule that in the spring, when the water is flowing after the snowmelt. We did revisit Tort Verde State Park , a must for anyone who wants to know some of the history of the Area. Government soldiers came to protect the settlers from Indian raids, and later, the fort recruited Apache scouts to help with problems with other tribes’ raids. That is a very short summary, folks.

We traveled to Flagstaff Sunday. The weather was delightful and I wish I could bring the 80-degree temps down here to Cottonwood. Chris and Jordan rode the ski lift at the Snow Bowl to get a panoramic view of northern Arizona. Bits of one of the continuing forest fires spread smoke over the landscape, and we witnessed some scorched timber. The very next day at the Snowbowl, a group of protestors blocked the road to the Peaks. They are protesting the snow making machines. At least we were not blocked on the day we were there.

My two vacationing guests have kept me busy showing them the many attractions here in our area. More later.