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The 12 mile trip to Camp Verde Saturday was worth it, because the farmers market had excellent veggies and Heiser’s famous sweet corn, about which I was told to BUY. The CV market is next to Fort Verde Historic Park, under a large ramada with a concrete floor. It was easy to walk around and stay relatively cool.

Besides the corn, which was indeed excellent, I bought some zuchinni, tomatoes, scones, a cuke and that’s about it. Made my own thrown-together ratatouille for dinner and enjoyed the fresh veggies.

Early Saturday morning one of my neighbors asked me to go with as she picked up her first order of fruits and veggies from a local co-op. She was pleased with the pot luck of comestibles–all fresh and worth much more that $15 for a laundry basket ful. I will keep that place in mind. A viable alternative to the farmers markets, with less traveling involved.

Ended up in Cornville, where my companion wanted to go for lunch. The place she recommended was closed, so we went to the Grasshopper Grill next to the famous Casey’s Corner. That corner, at Cornville Rd and Page Springs Rd, has changed over the years. There used to be a gas pump or two outside, and a bar (I think) inside. Very Western. Now, the place is gentrified: organic veggies and healthy stuff for sale , and no more gas for sale. The Grasshopper Grill, a family joint with a bar, is a welcome addition to the area. There arent too many food establishements around. But, I love the country atmosphere of this part of Cornville and hope it does not change.