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Image via Wikipedia (Sedona Panorama)

The Verde Valley hosts several farmer’s markets. Monday is Cornville’s day, and as far as I know, both Cottonwood and Sedona reserve Thursdays for buying fresh, organic produce. A friend and I sauntered down to Old Town last Thursday just to see what the market was like.

We were impressed. Although a lot of veggies are not ready for market yet, we bought zuchinni and yellow squash, garlic and plums, and a delish tomato. One negative: the grounds behind the town hall, although grassy, are almost too large. Or else, the vendors need to shrink their circle, because the middle area was empty, and we had too walk a huge circumference to see the items for sale. The temp was in the mid-90’s, which made it fairly comfortable.

Now, this is not even close to the European Market back in Chesterton. There was bread, but no elk or buffalo meat. There was a huge bandstand and a folk group setting up to play, but we left before they began their set. One gentleman parked himself in a folding chair in the middle of the field, waiting for the entertainment to begin.

I miss those whole wheat cranberry scones from the Swedish Bakery at the European Market.

By the way, Marilyn, I do not take these pictures (except for the banner on top of the blog and the Pix I Promised). The “stunning” photos are from Zemanta, a creative commons type service.