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The Phoenix dust storm aside, the big news from these parts is that our city council has voted unanimously to conduct all its sessions with the utmost civility. That means that everyone will be treated with respect and dignity, and no one who raises questions will be humiliated.The law was initiated and passed to stem violence such as what occured with Gabby Giffords in Tucson. As a former reporter, I know how heated city council meetings could become in the small midwestern town I lived in. But no one every threatened any of the city leaders, as I recall. Maybe it was natural for people to be civil back then, and today, things are so much different.

We’ve been having almost daily monsoons. I am glad I packed my umbrella when I made the move here. This is the time of year it comes in handy. But it works well to keep the sun away from our faces, too. Speaking of “too,” why is it that no one uses that word any longer? Instead, everyone says “as well.”  Has “too” become obsolete? What is your take on the subject?

Yesterday I visited the Humane Society’s thrift shop and inquired about volunteering at the shelter. I drove over to the shelter to have a  look, and was guided to the cat room, where several young people were playing with the kittens one at a time. When it was my turn to take a kitten out of the cage, I ended up with a feisty little fur ball who slinkered under the cages. He did not like the music playing (neither did I–too jarring). I handed him off to another handler. Since I cannot adopt a cat because of Brian’s allergies, I can visit the kittens and cats and play with them at the shelter. that is a good trade off for me.