Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest (w/video)

Image by Tony the Misfit via Flickr

Compared to the almost $4 I was paying for a gallon of gas in NW Indiana, Cottonwood’s current $3.32 is certainly welcome. Especially now, when we residents of Pine Shadows receive our certified letters of lot rent increases come this October.

Yesterday, Brian and I headed to Clarkdale to celebrate the 4th by watching the children’s parade and listening to the VV community band play Sousa and other patriotic tunes. Everyone was decked out in red, white and blue and the spirit of Independence Day was certainly evident. Later in the day, B and I enjoyed a picnic at the clubhouse here in the park. The foot-long hot dogs were outstanding, by the way. When we got home, we watched the famous Nathan’s hot dog eating contest from Coney Island, broadcast on ESPN. Made me think that B would be a very good contestant. Not in speed, but in quantity.

We had our first downpour yesterday. Just before fireworks time. The monsoons have begun. I was out watering when the wind picked up, and just after I took the flag in, it started raining. And today it is cloudy and humid. Ugh.