Oh, my goodness, it’s hot!

I got into my car at 2pm to drive a block and a half to the pool and the odometer’s outside temperature read 102 degrees. That was when my car was parked in the shade. Weathermen are saying that the evenings are not cooling off as well as they used to in past years. The heat in Phoenix reached 115 today.

Sunday I took Brian to the shiny new pool in the shiny new Cottonwood Rec Center. I was told he absolutely went gaga for the 3-story water slide. The slide is the largest in Northern Arizona. Brian had it all to himself, since we arrived early. That was the plan. But, after huffing and puffing his way to the top for the 6-second ride down, B could only manage two rides on the slide. Between each, he warmed up in the whirlpool. He swam with the current in the lazy river. Then, after 15 minutes, he was ready to go. Later that afternoon, he swam again for 15 minutes in our park pool. It’s too hot for any major exertion.

I am typing this using Internet Explorer, on my brand new laptop. I have to download that other browser, the one that starts with an F, to use Zemanta, which searches for pictures and additional copy for me based on what I have typed in this post. So for today, no picture.

But, I am enjoying lightning fast browsing. And by the way, the javelinas have not been back to pester me or to watch me sprint for the door.