A Collared Peccary of the family Tayassuidae

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If you are new to Arizona, sooner or later you will encounter a Javelina, aka a wild  peccary.

I first saw one–or several, not dead, but not living, at a display in Tlaquepaque several years ago. I wrote an article for the Beacher about them–Sedona’s version of Chicago’s Cows on Parade.

It’s a whole ‘nother story seeing a living, breathing version.  That’s happened to me twice, and both times, I reversed my direction and left in a sprint for the front door. A family of seven, including a teeny tiny baby, were feeding on the apricots that had fallen from my neighbors tree.

I had just been outside to water my thirsty rosebushes and young pine tree when I heard barking and a snort. I looked next door, and there in the neighbor’s yard a family of grunting, not-so-pretty peccaries had claimed their space as dusk deepened. The barking came from another neighbor’s house. Lulu was beside herself over these ugly invaders. By this time, I had retreated as fast as my out-of-shape feet could carry me.

From the safety of my Arizona room, I watched mama and baby lurch over to my back yard in search of water. The pine had not absorbed it all, and these pigs were thirsty.

The mercury is to top 104 degrees today in Cottonwood. Those piggies are going to be thirsty.

The rosebushes and pine tree will have to wait for their next drinks of water. And they’ll get it in the early morning, when the Javelinas have retreated back to the gully across the way.

I hope.

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