Verde Valley, Jerome, Arizona

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I attended my first meeting of the VVcomputer club Saturday. It was a Q & A session and very informative. I am impressed with the officers and presenters. I have had to learn to a lot of technical stuff in order to keep up with my column in the Beacher.

I bit the bullet and ordered a new computer (laptop). My current one is almost seven years old and I’ve bumped along with 256mg of memory. So sloooooooww. I have a fairly new netbook, but I don’t take it to WIFI spots for some reason. And I am not yet hooked to a home wireless network.

The VVcomputer club meets at the Clemenceau building here in Cottonwood. It is a former high school whose last class was in 1959. The building houses the local history museum. I visited it after the meeting and I need to write an article about it to send back to the Beacher. I’ll save that information for another day on these pages.

Also met a medium in Sedona whose family is from Freeport and Jo Daviess County, IL. She blew me away when she told me that. We were destined to meet! (I lived in Galena for a dozne years or so, and my son Brian attended residential school in Freeport many years ago. More on that meeting later.

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