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Most folks around here do what they have to do in the morning hours. That is, if they are retired and not working in an air-conditioned office. In the afternoons during this hot months, television, movies, books, the internet, and indoor pools are popular pastimes.

I am sitting here listening to the air conditioner whirr away outside. I am in my “Arizona Room”, a nice little addition perfect for my desk and computer. I’ve finished my column for this week’s Beacher, and I’ll head to the pool later to meet friends and cool off. This sure beats days mowing an acre of bumpy, twig-filled lawn. But I do miss those early walks on the beach.

Had a nice chat this morning with Sally C, editor of the Beacher. Says it’s raining there. We could use some of that moisture. Way east of us, the wildfires are raging. The smoke is blowing eastward, so where I am it is clear and unaffected.

I need to research the difference between air conditioners and swamp coolers. The latter look like big chimneys on top of a home’s roof. They don’t deal with taking humidity out of the air. They are quiet, unlike the whirring I hear right now. Can’t wait to see my electric bill. I will have to be sure to be sitting down before I open that envelope.

It’s time for me to hydrate and to have lunch. Hydrating is super-important.

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