Verde Valley 2, Arizona

Howdy, readers

Today I officially became an Arizonan, so what better way to celebrate than to start a new blog? I have a new driver’s license with a nicer picture (despite the weight gain) and my tags now read “The Grand Canyon State.”

I’m going to be telling you about the Verde Valley and the adventures (or not) that I have here. So far, the only adventure besides unpacking was finding a humoungous spider in my bathroom. The park super told me it was a harmless wolf spider, despite its size. He told me to go get some insecticide and spray inside and outside my home. I did. And so far, no more bugs.

I have a resident gecko or lizard who likes to zip around the yard.  And for the first time since I got here we are facing 99 degrees. I’m going swimming now to cool off. ‘Bye.

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